Brett Chepenik: Debunking Fitness Myths

Brett Chepenik founded Timed Exercise in Jacksonville, Florida, in 2009 and has served as President since then. He is a three-time Emory Heavyweight Wrestling champion and has been recognized in local and national publications for his training success.

The fundamentals of fitness have remained the same throughout the years, but there are many misconceptions about staying fit. While some of these myths may be innocuous, others can present unnecessary health risks. Here is a list of some of the most common fallacies associated with weight lifting and fitness.

Spot Training: While working out a particular muscle group does strengthen that area, it will not reduce fat in that area. There is no way to target fat loss for a specific area.

Muscle Eventually Turns into Fat: If unused, muscle can be surrounded by fat, but one can never transform into the other.

Lifting Weights Leads to a Bulky Physique: Many women are afraid of lifting weights for fear of growing to bodybuilder proportions. In fact, lifting weights in conjunction with diet and aerobic work will help you lose weight while maintaining a toned look.