About Brett Chepenik

Fitness expert Brett Chepenik currently lives and works in northern Florida, where he engages in a number of personal and professional endeavors related to exercise and proper health. Chepenik serves as a fitness personality for a FOX morning show in Jacksonville. He also acts as a personal trainer and has worked with a number of professional athletes, including football players, golfers, and soccer players. Primarily, however, Brett Chepenik stays busy by leading the company he founded, Timed Exercise.

Brett Chepenik launched Timed Exercise in 2009, and he has since grown the company to two locations in Florida; additionally, he is in the process of franchising the business. Chepenik’s Timed Exercise system combines cardiovascular activities with strength-training workouts to help people improve their health and lose weight in a 30-minute session, completed several times each week. Over the course of a month, individuals complete a series of 31 workouts that utilize more than 70 different exercises; such a system prevents burnout from any one activity and ensures that participants stay motivated throughout. Chepenik chose to include moves such as atomic sit-ups, presses, berpees, pushups, iso-lateral hops, and more.

At his two facilities, Brett Chepenik manages employees, develops the strategic direction of the company as a whole, and creates and implements all day-to-day business practices, drawing on the education he acquired while earning his Bachelor of Business Administration at Emory University. Unsurprisingly, Chepenik enjoys staying active in his free time. He takes particular pleasure in playing soccer as a member of three different Timed Exercise teams, the Porcupinos, the Launderers, and the Jefes. A socially conscious individual, Brett Chepenik supports the goals of such charitable organizations as the Tony Boselli Foundation and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

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