Brett Chepenik: Building a Well-Balanced Workout

As founder and president of Timed Exercise, a dual-location fitness center based in Jacksonville, Florida, Brett Chepenik has personally created the company’s uniquely efficient workout program. An athlete himself, he routinely participates in charity races across the region.

A balanced workout involves aerobic, core building, and muscle strengthening exercises. Aerobic exercise targets the health and strength of the cardiovascular system. The heart and lungs must be challenged for a workout to be truly effective, as this system is responsible for transporting oxygen through the body. The more a person raises his or her heart rate by exercising vigorously, the better the heart will be able to maintain optimal oxygen levels in the blood. At least 1.25 hours of highly active aerobic exercise is recommended per week to maintain these levels.

Muscle strength and core training also stand out as key elements to maintaining a healthy and fit physique. Both involve the exercise of major muscle groups. The muscle groups of the lower back, pelvis, and abdomen make up the body’s core, and allow an individual to use other muscles more efficiently. Therefore, core strength exercises should make up a significant portion of muscle-based workouts. Other muscle groups, such as those in the arms and legs, can be strengthened with weights or resistance training.